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Why do Employers need to prepare COVID-19?

The Department of Employment and Labour’s COVID19 Workplace Preparedness Directive forms the foundation of the COVID-19 IN THE WORKPLACE course.

This course is aimed to equip employers and supervisors, in plain language, to comply with the statutory precautionary measures required in the workplace.

Let’s start with the end in mind.

This virus has impacted on your turnover and profitability, right? The lockdown regulations have had a dramatic impact on all our lives. To protect what we can, including your company, we have a responsibility to our families and employees to minimise the spread of the virus (it is not only a legal obligation). And the law is intended to guide us through the process of maintaining a healthy and safe working environment.


The Directive referred to above will serve as our guide. We’ll tap into parallel legislation to help us understand how to interpret the Directive in a practical sense. We’ll keep it as simple as possible so that your most junior supervisors can understand their responsibilities. All legal references have been hyperlinked so that you can access 26 pieces of legislation from our online library. We won’t be quoting sections and sub-sections of law.s

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 COVID-19 IN THE WORKPLACE is a course underwritten by Turtle Life Support.

Accredited by the Department of Employment and Labour and the Health & Welfare SETA.