Employee Obligations (Demo 2)

All employees are obliged to comply with the measures introduced by the Directive, as follows.

  1. Employees should not report to work if they present symptoms of COVID-19 (see point 6 below).
  2. Comply with safe working procedures.
  3. Report to a testing site if they present the virus symptoms.
  4. Adhere to the use and safe care of PPE instructions.
  5. Employees over the age of 60 and those that have existing medical conditions (comorbidities check), as follows, should stay at home:
  6. If an employee presents symptoms, they are required to stay at home and must to complete the Daily Symptom Monitoring Tool for 14 days.
  7. Employees are required to report any symptoms during working hours to your COVID-19 Officer.
  8. Employees are required to observe wearing of masks, social distancing, and cough etiquette..
  9. Employees are required to wash and sanitise their hands while at work, especially between each interaction with visitors.
  10. Employees cannot discriminate against other employees on grounds of having tested positive for COVID-19.